COVID-19 can infect the testicles, study reveals

New research out of Texas reports SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, can indeed infect the testicles. Scientists at the University of Texas say their work may help explain why some COVID-infected men complain of testicular pain or display lower-than-normal testosterone levels during their illness.

These findings are sure to make men the world over cross their legs in concern. Beyond that, however, study authors believe getting a better sense of how COVID-19 impacts the testicles holds major implications for men’s health moving forward. For instance, some autopsies performed on deceased COVID-19 patients reveal significant testicular disruption at the cellular level and traces of immune cells.

“Given the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to investigate how this disease can impact the testes, and the potential consequences for disease severity, reproductive health, and sexual transmission,” says lead study author Dr. Rafael Kroon Campos, a postdoctoral fellow at UTMB, in a university release.

Source: COVID-19 can infect the testicles, study reveals

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    The COVID virus can invade the male reproductive system. What damage it does there is unknown. However, this may serve to speed up the population decline expected later this century. Certainly, males with pain in their testicles are unlikely candidates for a sexual romp.

    1. Grin – thanks – I can hear some rethinking their “I don’t need no stinking vaccine” decisions right now.

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