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Soni's thoughts

Title : 💖An Untold Love story💖

An entangled sentiment

When I close my eyes

I feel your warmth touch full of predilection

When the night can be seen in the quiet reflection

I admire his beaming face

I wonder what magic he makes

Won’t let me resist by any means

Such a heavenly emotion I sense in my dreams

I can always feel from your expressions

Your pure heart and all your affection

Your tender and care means the world

And I don’t need anything anymore

You have taught me to love life

You have shown me how to live

When you hold my hand I feel

As if It’s just you and me

I remember the way he smiled

The sparkles appeared in his eyes

His red cheeks and his hair

Reminded me of the times we shared

The love for each other was true

Together we would…

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