Perfect Price|قیمت عالی

A Voice from Iran

“195th story”

There lived two brothers in a city. They had a shop full of suits for men.

Adam the older brother was responsible to stay near the door and with a great welcoming technique bring the customer into the store.

Aziz was the younger brother whose job was to show different suits to the customer and make them fall in love with it.

The two brothers had a unique strategy and a secret way for making sure the customer won’t leave the store, empty handed.

And the technique was; when the customer loved a suit, Aziz yelled to Adam: “How much is the black suit?”

Adam: “Which one?”

And Aziz described the suit, then Adam yelled the price: “$850.00”

Aziz pretended that he didn’t hear, then asked again: “How much?”

Adam: “$850.00”

And Aziz tells the customer: “$550.00”

The customer heard the $850.00 and thinks that Aziz couldn’t hear…

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