A Strange World

Shayan's Sphere

Oh, I can’t just see and can’t just hear,
My pen has lost its power to rhyme,
And I can’t find joys but unknown fears
Is slaying my nerves with passing of time.

Now they whose eyes are blind in greed,
Oh, they who yearn for endless glee,
Do break this world for all their needs
And rule this earth, O they do see!

Now they who hear not screams of pain
And live in bliss and turn deaf-ear,
Oh, they who can just sing in vain
Yet rule this earth, to them all hear!

Now they who bear not love in heart,
With shine of gold whose dark turns fair
And scatter all lands, do break and part
Yet rule this earth, for them we care!

Now they who speak with untold pride,
Oh, they who with their bad moods stick
And poison lands, from light who hide,

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