Garland strikes down Trump-era asylum decisions | TheHill

Orders he signed Wednesday vacate earlier decisions from former attorneys general Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr that limited asylum for victims of domestic violence as well as those seeking asylum based on ties to persecuted family members — something that could be particularly important to those from countries with serious gang violence.

“By rescinding these opinions from the Trump-era attorneys general, Merrick Garland is restoring asylum protections to people who are victims of domestic abuse and gang persecution where we have seen increasing numbers request protection here in the United States in recent years,” Greg Chen with the American Immigration Lawyers Association told The Hill.

“This is such a critical step, both in practice to protect these people, but also symbolically in that the administration is looking carefully at the U.S. commitment to humanitarian law and protecting those in flight from danger.”

The move follows pressure from immigration advocacy groups to review all of the 17 attorney-general level immigration court decisions made under the Trump administration.

Source: Garland strikes down Trump-era asylum decisions | TheHill