Deciphering U.S.A. – Russia relations at NATO.

They both agreed nuclear war is unthinkable.

Beyond The Lines

Source – reuters

“In one sentence based on the press conference held by both leaders, neither agreed on anything apart from mutual tackling of COVID-19 pandemic”.

On the issue of Cyber Security

Replying to a question asked by a reporter Vladimir Putin told the press that if somebody is to blame for cybercrime it is the USA and not Russia.

Joe Biden in his address mentioned about hacks in pipelines and solar wind panels blaming Russia.

On the issue of Alexei Navalny

Source – new Indian express

Joe Biden while addressing Vladimir Putin said It is not about Russia but we will continue to raise questions of fundamental human rights. If Alexei Navalny dies than there will be grave consequences for Russia.

While Vladimir Putin said it was not a targeted attack on one person but someone who has violated the Russian laws. He was convicted twice for that.

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