♫ Summertime Blues ♫

One of my all time favorites!

Filosofa's Word

Officially, it isn’t summer yet, but here it sure has felt like mid-summer for the past week or so.  Last week it rained nearly every day, and once the rain stopped, the 90° (F) temperatures kicked in with high humidity.  Hence, I’ve only been able to be outside for about 10 minutes before my lips start turning blue from a lack of that stuff … what’s it called again … oh yeah, oxygen!  Anyway, summer doesn’t officially start here until next Monday, at which time winter will commence for our friends in Oz and other parts south of the equator.

I must admit to cheating a bit tonight.  Y’see, our friend Clive did a really great post with a compilation of summertime songs, and my selection tonight is one that he included on his post, but I’m asking you to please go check out his post for more really great…

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