Catholic order that staffed Kamloops residential school refuses to share records families seek | CBC News

The order of nuns that taught at the former Kamloops residential school, and others in B.C., continues to withhold important documents that could help tell the story of how Indigenous children died at the schools over the last 150 years.

The Sisters of St. Ann has never approved the release of relevant government records — documents that could relate to deaths at the schools —  according to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and the religious order.

Source: Catholic order that staffed Kamloops residential school refuses to share records families seek | CBC News

Dana Rohrabacher breached Capitol police barricades on Jan. 6 – Orange County Register

Newly released footage from the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol shows former Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher joined a crowd that crossed police barricades, making him the highest profile politician known to be on the ground that day. Rohrabacher is not among the 500-plus people who’ve been charged with crimes connected to Jan. 6, and there’s no evidence he entered the Capitol building or participated in any of the violence that unfolded. He didn’t respond to requests to speak for this story, though he told the Press Herald in Maine that he marched peacefully Jan. 6 and “was not there to make a scene and do things that were unacceptable for anyone to do.”

Source: Dana Rohrabacher breached Capitol police barricades on Jan. 6 – Orange County Register

Corporations Celebrated Pride While Funding Anti-LGBTQ Attacks

Walmart’s website currently features a Pride page advertising party supplies, topical books and movies, and products whose proceeds will go toward LGBTQ organizations like GLAAD. But as recently as April, Walmart reportedly donated $30,000 to Arkansas lawmakers who voted for a bill banning gender-affirming treatment for trans kids. The donation was just a fraction of the roughly $442,000 the corporation donated to more than 100 politicians who themselves received a 0 rating from HRC.

Source: Corporations Celebrated Pride While Funding Anti-LGBTQ Attacks

La Tropea con le patate

looks good!


Le patate… versatilissime e ottime anche durante il periodo estivo per la realizzazione di pietanze ristoratrici…

Una coppia di miei carissimi amici mi ha portato dalla Calabria un bel quantitativo di cipolle di Tropea, in più mi ritrovavo delle fantastiche patate di Avezzano.


Principalmente sono stati questi due ingredienti a stimolare la mia fantasia e a far sì che mettessi in piedi questa proposta culinaria

Peccato che uno dei due miei amici non vada particolarmente pazzo per la cipolla…

E voi? Come vi schierate, siete pro o contro la cipolla? … fatemi sapere la vostra opinione!

Se vi venisse in mente di dire che non la mangiate “per via dell’alito” sappiate che nello specifico quella di Tropea dal sapore delizioso, leggero, raffinato e croccante, contrasta i radicali liberi, abbassa i livelli di colesterolo cattivo nel sangue. Contiene quercetina, sali minerali, fenoli e flavonoidi che riducono notevolmente…

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Customer Fatally Shoots Cashier in Argument Over Mask at Georgia Supermarket – The New York Times

Victor Lee Tucker Palmetto man shoots Decatur cashier dead face mask (

A customer who argued about wearing a face mask at a Georgia supermarket shot and killed a cashier on Monday and wounded a deputy sheriff working off duty at the store, law enforcement officials said.

The gunman was shot by the deputy, and both are expected to survive their injuries, according to law enforcement officials.

A suspect, identified as Victor Lee Tucker, 30, of Palmetto, Ga., was arrested by DeKalb County Police Department officers “as he was attempting to crawl out the front door of the supermarket,” according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Divine shine


As I find some morning solitude ….and I see myself taking a long walk into the woods embracing the nature.Stopped by the cliff, I am enamoured by the sound of the waves and the enigmatic sea view. I couldn’t wait further to click as many frames as I possibly could….the frames were magically changing hues at the same location as the sun has begun to rise and it seemed as if on a blue and green coloured picture someone has gradually poured golden glitters. As the day got brighter the solar aura takes its mighty position above everything else….. Enhancing everything else around! 

Solar energy, as they call it, literally is seen around in the fresh breeze of the air as it gets warmer , agile cacophony of birds chirp ,the white outlined frothy waves rush to cover the coastal sands,moist air is getting warm and condensing to wipe clean…

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The Comic After – I Fumetti della prossima settimana (14-20 giugno 2021)

The Page After

Per visualizzare trama e scheda di unfumetto (o per acquistarlo), clicca sul suo titolo. In qualità di Affiliato Amazon io ricevo un guadagno dagli acquisti idonei.

Qual è il tuo preferito? 😃👾

15 giugno 2021

Dylan Dog Oldboy 7 (contiene 2 storie inedite)

Editore: Sergio Bonelli

Autori vari

Pagine: 192 (b/n)

Codice a barre: 977182645204510045

Diabolik Magnum. Come cani e gatti (contiene 5 storie)

Editore: Astorina

Autori vari

Pagine: 656

Interni: b/n

16 giugno 2021

Tex. Il diavolo della sierra (Nuova ristampa)

Editore: Sergio Bonelli

Disegnatore: Carlo Raffaele Marcello

Copertina: Claudio Villa

Soggetto e Sceneggiatura: Mauro Boselli

Pagine: 112 (b/n)

Codice a barre: 977112403704310470

17 giugno 2021

Nathan Never. L’ultimo volo

Editore: Sergio Bonelli

Disegnatore: Simona Denna

Copertina: Sergio Giardo

Soggetto e Sceneggiatura: Michele Medda

Pagine: 96 (b/n)

Codice a barre: 977112157304910361

Dylan Dog. Johnny Freak

Editore: Sergio Bonelli

Disegnatori: Andrea Venturi; Giampiero Casertano

Copertina: Angelo Stano

Soggetto e…

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Shiraz – Iran

Vivaldi translation of introduction: Shiraz – Iran
9. Mai 2019
It is difficult for us to say goodbye to Isfahan, this artistic and cozy city. We continue to Shiraz. We did not find out the possibility of a train ride, it is too cumbersome by bus. We ordered a taxi; for the distance of 450 km, 5 hours. Travel time, the driver asked for € 50! Thanks to the favorable exchange rate, Iran is an inexpensive travel destination. We drive through mountainous areas, as we saw on the flight; it starts to snow on the way. That is why we are taking out the driver’s offer to go to Persepolis for just € 10 more.

Senioren um die Welt

Der Abschied von Isfahan, dieser kunstvollen und gemütlichen Stadt, fällt uns schwer. Wir fahren weiter nach Shiraz. Die Möglichkeit einer Fahrt mit der Bahn haben wir nicht herausgefunden, mit dem Bus ist es zu umständlich. Wir haben ein Taxi bestellt; für die Strecke von 450 km, 5 Std. Fahrzeit, hat der Fahrer 50 € verlangt! Der Iran ist – dank des günstigen Wechselkurses – ein preiswertes Reiseland. Wir fahren durch gebirgiges Gebiet, wie wir es auch schon beim Flug gesehen haben; unterwegs fängt es an zu schneien. Deshalb schlagen wir das Angebot des Fahrers, für nur 10 € mehr noch nach Persepolis zu fahren, aus.

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