Earth Journalism Network offers grants for journalists to report on fisheries in the Caribbean

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I recently attended a webinarorganized by the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) on a topic that I needed to understand more deeply, because it truly is critical for the future health of our Caribbean Sea, and the much-touted “Blue Economy” in the Caribbean. The discussion coincided with World Oceans Day (June 7). Like many thorny environmental issues, it is complex – but cannot be ignored, as it threatens lives, livelihoods, and our ecosystems.

This is the question of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing(described with the acronym “IUU”) that is rampant in the region and across the globe and also impacts our region. What causes it – and why is it getting so bad that it has to be addressed through the World Trade Organization (WTO)? Well, at the heart of the issue is the government subsidies that allow huge fishing fleets to travel half way round the globe to…

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Cada instante es la vida

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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No sé, a veces, si asisto al espectáculo de mi renacimiento cotidiano, al despertar un día y otro, al mirar las nubes de formas caprichosas que flotan en la profundidad de un cielo maravilloso y pleno que ofrece y promete tanto, al sentir las innumerables gotas de lluvia que me empapan y deslizan en mi piel, al descalzarme y correr en el pasto, entre árboles y helechos, o al hundir los pies en el agua del riachuelo y recibir las caricias del aire que me abraza, y percibir, así, el palpitar de la vida que fluye incesante en sus múltiples expresiones. Desconozco, en ocasiones, si presencio, de frente y puntual, la cercanía de mi funeral, al caer la tarde, al oscurecer y asomar las estrellas silenciosas y plateadas, cuando todos duermen, excepto las lechuzas, los grillos, los cometas, los…

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“Drop a gear and disappear.”

It may be difficult for others to understand the American love affair with cars. We’re a big country with a lot of highways. A good century ago our Captains of Industry got together to certify that we would never have public transportation on the same scale as Europe and further ensure that we would indulge in their products and get about our vast nation in cars.

I enjoy cars. If you’ve got a ticket for me and I’ve got the ear plugs I’ll go to the races. I also appreciate a good car show.

I wonder if future generations will have the desire as well as the means to sustain and indulge in this love affair.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive.

I would qualify that statement by amending it a bit; you can tell…

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Bacteria serves tasty solution to plastic crisis | The University of Edinburgh

Researchers have discovered that the common bacteria E. coli can be deployed as a sustainable way to convert post-consumer plastic into vanillin, a new study reveals.


Vanillin is the primary component of extracted vanilla beans and is responsible for the characteristic taste and smell of vanilla.

The transformation could boost the circular economy, which aims to eliminate waste, keep products and materials in use and have positive impacts for synthetic biology, experts say.

Source: Bacteria serves tasty solution to plastic crisis | The University of Edinburgh

Bagan – gigantische Tempelstadt

Vivaldi English translation of introduction: Bagan – gigantic temple city
PUBLISHED ON 2. Juni 2019
A must every trip to Burma is, along with Yangon, the former capital, and Mandalay, the economic focus, Bagan, the old royal city on a large loop of Ayeyarwady. Who was in Myanmar but not in Bagan was not in the country. King Anawrathta, crowned in 1044, made her the residence of his empire. Under his rule and the subsequent kings, it rose to become the largest Buddhist metropolis in the world. The rulers literally surpassed themselves in the construction of magnificent and mighty temples. On the Bagan plain, about 40km² in size, over 2000 large and small buildings of that time can still be admired. This area is on a par with Angkor in Cambodia and Borobodur in Indonesia or the other pilgrimage sites in the world.

Senioren um die Welt

Ein Muss jeder Reise nach Burma ist neben Yangon, der früheren Hauptstadt, und Mandalay, dem wirtschaftlichen Schwerpunkt, Bagan, die alte Königsstadt an einer großen Schleife des Ayeyarwady. Wer in Myanmar war, aber nicht in Bagan, war nicht im Land. König Anawrathta, gekrönt 1044, machte sie zur Residenz seines Reiches. Unter seiner Herrschaft und der nachfolgender Könige stieg sie zur größten buddhistischen Metropole der Welt auf. Die Herrscher überboten sich förmlich in der Errichtung herrlicher und mächtiger Tempel. Auf der Ebene von Bagan, etwa 40km² groß, sind noch heute über 2000 große und kleine Bauten dieser Zeit zu bestaunen. Dieses Gebiet ist Angkor in Kambodscha und Borobodur in Indonesien oder den anderen Pilgerstätten der Welt durchaus ebenbürtig.

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🏳️‍🌈 Celebrating Pride Month – Part II 🏳️‍🌈

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Yesterday, I posted a bit of the history of Pride Month in the U.S., and as I mentioned there, I took up all my space talking about the history of the month, and didn’t leave room for all the fun things.  This post incorporates some of last year’s post, but also some new things that show some of the many ways the month is celebrated, people who have been prominent in bringing LGBTQ issues to the forefront, pictures, etc.  Last year, Pride events were severely curtailed with nearly all in-person Pride marches, demonstrations and parades being canceled or turned into virtual events because of safety considerations due to the pandemic.  But with the vaccine rollout continuing around the world, many organizers have resumed plans to hold in-person Pride events and more than 150 official Pride festivals and events are happening around the world in 2021.  But first, let’s look back…

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It is all about struggle ❣


It was 10:12 AM in the morning when I found the most reasonable picture to capture in my phone , the picture which exhibits alot many thoughts . I had been desperately waiting from past three days to take a perfect shot , Alas I stayed out of reach as I was nonplussed. The motive behind sharing this snap is to let us all know that – A bird never lose its dignity in whatever state it may be.

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Gurkha Soldier – 13 May 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

The 4th Gurkhas at kit inspection

Never mess with a Gurkha. Not everyone knows this, but then again, many people don’t know what a Gurkha/Gorkha is. Gurkhas were a branch of troops from Nepal who historically served with the British army and now serve around the world. Gurkha troops served admirably during WWI, winning nearly 2,000 awards for bravery serving in virtually every theatre of the war.

In WWII, the Japanese Empire spread through Asia and the Pacific. Americans mostly recall the island hopping and battles over patches of turf like Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. The British fight (supported by China and some Americans) against Japan centered around Burma (Myanmar) and was a terrible slugfest in the depths of the South Asian jungles.

The Gurkhas were a major force for the British in the Burma campaign and on May 13th, 1945, five days after victory in Europe, the…

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