Growing And Using Thyme for Health

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Last summer I had one Thyme plant.

This season I have four – I started a new plant by dividing the Thyme I had and I bought 3 others.

The new 3 are Lemon Thyme, English Thyme and Pizza Thyme.

Here are some photos:

These all make a tasty tea. Sometimes I drink it on its’ own and sometimes I mix it with other herbs for flavor and more health benefits.

To make tea, use 1 tsp. dried or 1 Tbsp. fresh per cup. Put the herbs into a teapot or cup, poor boiling water over and steep at least 10 minutes, then strain. If using fresh, chop the herb so there is more exposed surface of the leaves to extract from. Sweeten with your preferred sweetener if you wish. I also use Thyme in Herbal Syrups For Health, Refreshing Ice Water and More! and Mixed Herbal Iced Tea for Health Benefits

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