Collab post with CINDY🤝💖🤗

Soni's thoughts


Soni so cool from India, and Lighthouse Cindy from the U.S.
light years and ages apart..
truly ships crossing in the dark..
One gets up and the other to a pillow of down..
yet we are never upside down..
because our head is filled with wonder light … like all cool girls are and boys too..
We delight as we dream of beauty and vision of love on the horizon..
as it’s our mission and plight..
Ageless wisdom exists between all..
good silly fun rolling through mud or hangin in the sun..
Our mission is clear that we all are divine, loving fiercely in all that we do..
Creating a bridge of oneness for me and for you
Be brave, be bold be You…
The best version of yourself has arrived..
Shine it brightly because we are all the Sun and the lighthouse..
Be bold bright and YOU!..

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