We Can Be Different|ما می توانیم متفاوت باشیم

A Voice from Iran

“194th story”

People are truly different with each other;

-Some lock themselves in a room when the sky of their life becomes cloudy….

Silence, time, and loneliness is their only cure.

-Some like to be in a crowd. They like to laugh loud so they won’t hear their pain and problems. Not that they are careless, not at all, but their cure is this way.

-Some people scream their love for others, shout their pains and sadness. They are scared, and screech for help.

-Some pours everything inside them. If you dig deep inside them you won’t hear a world out of their mouth, everything spins in their minds, even if he/she is exploding out of problems, wouldn’t speak. Their thoughts are full of anxiety and blues. They are not dry or have a lack of feeling, they are just different.

-Some if fails a thousand of time, would start…

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