Simple & Yummy Egg Puffs

Smitha's Bake Love

Star Ingredients: Boiled Egg & Spices

“Incredible” – That’s how I like to say in one word about EGG.

Do you get the feeling that something is missing from the fridge if you don’t see an egg carton in there, somewhere? I do. There is not one day I can go without having eggs in the house.

And if by chance, there is a day, that’s the day I get the itch to make, bake or fry it. So, I most certainly don’t do the mistake of not picking up the extra egg carton in every grocery run.

Ever since I found the farm near my home and its incredible benefits of eating everything local and fresh, my diet has changed for good.

Believe me when I say FARM FRESH eggs taste better than the grocery store ones. For real, you should try it.

So, coming back to our story…

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