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If you thought I let off all the steam in this morning’s rants, you’d be wrong.  Two things are puzzling me at the moment … puzzling and annoying me … leading me to keep asking over and over — WHY???  The former guy needs to fade into oblivioun … he is, or at least ought to be, irrelevant now, yet he keeps popping back onto the radar.  Somebody please, put him somewhere, like a mental institution or better yet, a prison.

I don’t believe a word of it …

You remember June 1st 2020, right?  That was the day that the former guy, having seen his approval rating drop even lower than usual, decided a photo op was just the thing to boost his ratings.  So, he and his band of merry men (and women) walked from the White House to a church in Lafayette Park so he…

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Wann sollten Kinder geimpft werden?

Unabhängige Arthrose Informationsplattform

Gerade eben lese ich in der Pharmazeutischen Zeitung einen Artikel über eine aufschlussreiche Forschungsarbeit der US-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Eine rege Diskussion ist entstanden, ob Kinder eine Impfung gegen Covid-19 Infektionen benötigen. In einer Studie wurde untersucht, warum Kinder wegen einer Covid-19 Infektion in einem Krankenhaus behandelt wurden und wie der Krankheitsverlauf war.

Die Daten von 43465 Kinder und Jugendliche bis 18 Jahren wurden ausgewertet.

Dabei stellte sich heraus, dass Frühgeborene und Kinder mit chronischen Erkrankungen schwer an Covid-19 erkrankten.

Auffällig war, dass Adipositas und Diabetes Hauptrisikofaktoren. Aber auch Lungenerkrankungen, Niereninsuffizienz, angeborene Herzfehler und das Down Syndrom zählen dazu.

Das was die Ärzte herausgefunden haben, erinnert mich auch an die Risiken bei Erwachsenen.

Vorerkrankungen: Konsequenzen für die Impfkampagne | PZ – Pharmazeutische Zeitung, 9.6.21


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Labor Department Issues Emergency Rules to Protect Health Care Workers From Covid | Kaiser Health News

The government’s statement of reasons for the new rules cites the work of KHN and The Guardian in tallying more than 3,600 health care worker covid deaths through April 8. Journalists documented far more deaths than the limited count by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which through May tallied 1,611 deaths on case-reporting forms that were often incomplete.

The Lost on the Frontline project documented early calls for better respiratory protection for health care workers than loose-fitting face masks, noted serious complaints to OSHA from hospital workers that went unaddressed and revealed repeated employer failures to report dozens of worker deaths. It also found that health care employers were often remiss in notifying workers about exposure to the coronavirus on the job.

Source: Labor Department Issues Emergency Rules to Protect Health Care Workers From Covid | Kaiser Health News

Psychology of the Mask


Unfortunately during the last year, the world has been forced to literally wear a mask as a safety precaution during the pandemic. However when it comes to the history of my ancestors, the concept of wearing a mask meant something much different. Paul Laurence Dunbar is known for being one of the most influential African American literary scholars of his time. His passion for language and music, along with personal life tragedies have been the motivation behind much of his work. With regards to his poem “We Wear the Mask”, the style as well as the content provides a vivid reflection of the hardships people of color endured as well as how they dealt with restrictions that were placed upon them. The basis of the poem is the immense suffering of blacks and the necessity of painting on a happy face as a survival tactic.

Dunbar “challenges the plantation tradition”…

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Canadian Hero – Leonard Birchall RCAF

Pacific Paratrooper

Leonard Birchall

One of the things Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Air Commodore Leonard Birchall is most remembered for is being the “Savior of Ceylon.” He was the pilot who warned the Allied forces in Colombo of the Japanese surprise attack that was on its way, thus allowing them to prepare and preventing a repeat of Pearl Harbor.

However, he showed the true breadth of nobility and valor of his character in Japanese prisoner of war camps over a period of three years, in which he saved many men’s lives and took many prisoners’ beatings for them.

Leonard Birchall was born in July 1915 in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from school he worked a number of jobs in order to pay for flying lessons.  He eventually decided to embark on a military career, and enrolled in the Royal Military College of Canada in 1933, after which he was…

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