Whenever, wherever


This song was top of the charts as soon as it released in 2001. With those golden locks and the figure of a Greek goddess, this damsel belly danced her way into my memory. Shakira is one of the few artists who writes her own music. Being a writer, I have immense respect for her. The video commences with this svelte drenched woman who ascends from a desolate slumber into an exciting world where drastic things are constantly happening and the elements are radically evolving. One moment she’s in an arid desert, another – she’s in the midst of a horse stampede. She’s dancing and smiling through it all. She’s oblivious to the rampant dangers engulfing her because she’s got that maddening spark of romantic hope in her eyes. She’s not worried about the next meeting and the nature of their long distance relationship. She’s not wasting her feelings on…

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