Mini pizzas! Perfect for a Netflix night🍿


Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Ever wondered what to eat during a movie night? Obviously, it is a time to eat junk food!! I often have movie nights on Saturdays and that gives me a lot of time to experiment on midnight snacks.

I usually just eat a pack of chips or some cookies but it still gives me a good opportunity to try out new quick recipes.

I also like to eat mug cakes and I am planning to try pasta in a mug too.

For today, we are making mini pizzas. It is a very easy recipe and great for pizza lovers! Since they are mini pizzas, we don’t need to rise the dough for long. And they also take less time than normal pizzas.

Here is my other pizza recipe that I made in bread maker:

Starting off with the recipe:


2 cupall purposeflour

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