Keystone XL Pipeline Project Is Canceled – The New York Times

The Canadian pipeline company that had long sought to build the Keystone XL pipeline announced Wednesday that it had terminated the embattled project, which would have carried petroleum from Canadian tar sands to Nebraska.

The announcement was the death knell for a project that had been on life support since President Biden’s first day in office and had been stalled by legal battles for years before that, despite support from the Trump administration.

Small risk of bleeding disorder after AstraZeneca COVID vaccine | CIDRAP

The study findings also suggested a very small increased risk of other AstraZeneca-linked arterial blood clot and bleeding events, although the rate was no higher than that of other vaccines such as those against hepatitis B, flu, and measles, mumps, and rubella. Source: Small risk of bleeding disorder after AstraZeneca COVID vaccine | CIDRAP

(Possible 11 in 1,000,000)


Vivaldi translation of introduction – Granada, Spain

The palace and its incomparable gardens in the Alhambra are intensely frequented in any season by tourists from all over the world.

ore de drum

Granada, 2016

Palatul și grădinile sale neasemuite de la Alhambra sunt frecventate intens, în orice anotimp, de turiștii din toată lumea.


Ca să ai acces, trebuie să prevezi rezervarea unui bilet cu mult timp înainte și e obligatoriu să respecți ora la care ești programat să intri.


Din păcate, organizarea ghișeelor și funcționarea serviciilor de informare turistică sunt foarte neglijente, iar personalul nu este nici politicos și nici profesional. Cu toate acestea, odată intrat în perimetrul palatului, uiți de toate inconvenientele. Doar primele săli au fost mai aglomerate, după aceea lumea s-a dispersat, spațiul fiind polimorf.


Alhambra este unul dintre cele mai bine păstrate palate arabe din lume.


Arhitectura sa este în deplină armonie cu grădinile, cu fântânile și havuzurile.


Însă, în spatele acestui decor somptuos, se ascunde o realitate un pic umilitoare, din cauza faptului că materialele de construcție care au fost folosite la edificarea palatului, în anii 1300…

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Rutas de un viajero. Capítulo VII. Ihuatzio… la noche

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Al pueblo de Ihuatzio

Es la otra hora, la noche, el espectáculo de las estrellas, en la oscuridad y lo infinito del cielo, o en la neblina que flota y se mezcla, en una añeja y tradicional alianza, con el humo que exhalan el copal, las fogatas, el incienso, las veladoras y los cirios. Son instantes nocturnos, envueltos con el prodigio de la vida y el retorno de los muertos, de acuerdo con la concepción purépecha, en su tierra nativa, en Ihuatzio.

Hay una fecha, en especial, en que las familias purépechas, reunidas en el cementerio, entre los altares con flores de cempasúchil y otros elementos indígenas, esperan a las ánimas, a sus difuntos, a la gente que a una hora y a otra, un día y muchos más, coexistió a su lado y protagonizó capítulos de una historia…

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A ‘Statement Of Concern’

Filosofa's Word

The actions of Republican state legislators to curtail absentee voting, limit days for early voting and seize control of local election boards have prompted 188 scholars to sign a “Statement of Concern: The Threats to American Democracy and the Need for National Voting and Election Administration Standards.” 

Their words are wise and prophetic …

Statement of Concern

The Threats to American Democracy and the Need for National Voting and Election Administration Standards


June 1, 2021

We, the undersigned, are scholars of democracy who have watched the recent deterioration of U.S. elections and liberal democracy with growing alarm. Specifically, we have watched with deep concern as Republican-led state legislatures across the country have in recent months proposed or implemented what we consider radical changes to core electoral procedures in response to unproven and intentionally destructive allegations of a stolen election. Collectively, these initiatives are transforming several states into political systems…

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Wondering Wednesdays, Baby Acres, Chapter 1, part II A: Adulthood

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This post continues the rough draft of  Chapter 1 of my non-fiction WiP, Baby Acres.  This is the next outline section, chapter 1, section II A.

I think I’ve finally managed to stay within my word count guideline for this section, with 288 words for a 250 plan!  🙂

And once again, by way of disclaimer, the overall goal is now to explain why we need both equ. + justice, & why in 4 phases.  This chapter will transition to a chapter (2-5) for each phase, showing what Phases I-IV could look like as part of a possible roadmap for a fully inclusive society for all of us.  This vision is laid out in the hope that All HumanKind  will eventually have each person’s basic needs  met, without taking anything from anyone, and without violence, intimidation, nor coercion of any kind. 

Chapter One, section II A:

Phase II with respect…

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Contemplating Freedom Again


Wise sages throughout time have realized that most people say they want freedom, but when the people finally acquire the keys to freedom, they reject complete freedom.

Much of the problem with popular notions of freedom is that it is that we mistake license for freedom. A useful way to view the two concepts is to remember that license is a subset of freedom. License is the belief that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want to do it. Taken as a whole, freedom encompasses much more than license. To possess freedom requires that we take full accountability and responsibility for our speech and actions. License assumes no accountability while freedom implies the understanding that there are consequences for everything we say and do. The truth of the matter is that many people are frightened of accountability and responsibility.

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for…

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