Giving thanks for the birds

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Rain fell yesterday, ending a dry, hot spell that left the whole garden drooping its head.

I stood in the yard. The air was cool and the sky clear as glass. Two clouds hung like lost feathers over the roof, slowly turning pink.

I realized that our birds were out, celebrating the cool evening, like children let out on the street to play before it gets dark and they have to go to bed. The hurrying traffic of humans going home did not disturb them in the least. They were going to enjoy the evening.

Three Loggerhead Kingbirds (young ones, I think) perched on the top of the mango tree and took it in turns to launch themselves out, sallying forth to catch insects, chattering as they went. And back to their perch.

A White-crowned Pigeon peers down at me enquiringly from our poui tree. (My photo)

A White-crowned Pigeon…

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