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Numerous things are weighing on my mind today and as I was scrolling through the latest news today, that old Pogo saying came to mind …

Georgians love ‘batshit crazy’

I foolishly believed that people, even republicans, still had some values, some sense of right and wrong, but that notion was dispelled this morning when I read that despite every horrible thing Margie Greene has done, the voters in her party still think she is great.

At the Georgia Republican Party convention this weekend, many attendees were seen wearing “We love Marjorie” pins and when asked about her appeal, more than 20 party activists and officials mentioned her disregard for political correctness and approach to politics as a “Washington outsider.” Many said they appreciate her willingness to say what she believes, even if it is inaccurate or dangerous — the same traits they admired in the former guy.

Some of…

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6th june 2021: 77° anniversary of D-Day (Allied landing in Normandy)

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Today is the anniversary of D-Day, on 6 June 1944 the Allied landing in Normandy changed history

The extremely risky operation opened the way for the allies to free Europe from Nazism

The codename was Operation Overlord. On June 6, 1944, an ambitious plan and the sacrifice of many soldiers made it possible to land in Normandy, France, which went down in history as D-Day.

Europe on fire
Prior to the June 6 military operation, Germany had invaded France and was expanding across Europe. The allies decided to risk everything, organizing the landing on the beaches of northern France. Men and vehicles left Great Britain, where troops and equipment had been gathered in the previous weeks. The activity did not remain a secret to Germany, but, with skillful strategic work, the Allies led the enemy to believe that they would attack the Pas de Calais and not five beaches along…

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النوم سلطان

حلم الدرويش

النوم سلطان يبسط نفوذه على جميع الكائنات , ولا يمكنهم مقاومته طويلا وسريعا يلبون النداء و يخلدون للراحة كل ليلة بعد مشقة العمل والكفاح طوال اليوم , وللنوم وظائف مهمة مثل تجديد نشاط الجسم وعودة الصفاء للعقل البشرى بما يمكنه من مواصلة العمل والتركيز أثناء القيام بما يكلف به من أعمال .

إضطرابات النوم :

سعيد الحظ هو من يضع رأسه على الوسادة وينام فورا , بينما يعانى أشخاص من الأرق فيتقلبون فى الفراش ويحاولون النوم لمدة طويلة دون جدوى , وأبرز الإضطرابات فى النوم التى تصيب الأشخاص :

_ الأرق : صعوبات فى محاولة النوم , أو البقاء مستيقظا طوال الليل .

_ إنقطاع التنفس أثناء النوم : يعانى الشخص من إنقطاع تنفسه لبضع ثوانى أثناء النوم .

_ متلازمة تململ الساقين : شعور مزعج يجبر الشخص على تحريك ساقيه أثناء النوم .

_ النوم الانتيابى : النوم فجأة وعلى فترات متقطعة نهارا .

هلع النوم : الجمع بين…

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Spre sud

Google translation of introduction: To the south Jerez de la Frontera – Andalusian evenings have a glow that comes out of the colors. The darkness is bright, the navy blue sky is bright, the dark green of the vegetation as well.

ore de drum

Jerez de la Frontera, 2015, 2016

Serile andaluze au o strălucire care iese din interiorul culorilor. Întunericul este luminos, cerul bleumarin e luminos, verdele închis al vegetației la fel.

20160407_232529 (1)

Jerez nu este în prima linie a litoralului.

20160408_130442 (1)

Se află în apropiere de Cadiz care, fiind port, are un element de atracție în plus, dar Jerez întoarce spatele oceanului cu indiferență. Greu de crezut, nu?


Prima dată am ajuns cu avionul, cu un zbor de la Madrid (o oră), și am aterizat pe aeroportul care se află doar la câțiva kilometri de oraș.

20160408_134521 (1)

Un aeroport nou, cochet, cu personal de ispravă. Biroul de închiriere de mașini e chiar în holul de livrare a bagajelor, astfel că poți face ambele operațiuni simultan. Prima impresie, când pornești spre centru, este de oraș exotic, aerisit, prietenos, elegant.

20160408_130659 (1)

A doua oară am fost primăvara. Era o seară luminoasă de aprilie, cu apus prelung. Deși în…

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Jahorina – Ljeto

Google translation of introduction: Jahorina is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located partly in the municipality of Pale and to a lesser extent in the municipality of Trnovo. The highest peak is Ogorjelica with 1916 m above sea level. Jahorina is about 30 km long and 15 km wide mountain between Kasindolski potok, Bistrica, Paljanska Miljacka and Grabovica in the north, Prača, Lipovački potok and Korijena in the east, the upper course of Koluna and Crna Rijeka in the south and Željeznica in the west. The highest part of Jahorina is Gola Jahorina, which together with Ravna Planina forms the central massif of Jahorina.


Jahorina je planina u Bosni i Hercegovini., nalazi se djelom u opštini Pale i manjim dijelom u opštini Trnovo. Najviši vrh je Ogorjelica sa 1916 m nadmorske visine. Jahorina je oko 30 km duga i 15 km široka planina između Kasindolskog potoka, Bistrice, Paljanske Miljacke i Grabovice na sjeveru, Prače, Lipovačkog potoka i Korijena na istoku, gornjeg toka Kolune i Crne Rijeke na jugu i Željeznice na zapadu. Najviši dio Jahorine je Gola Jahorina, koja sa Ravnom Planinom čini centralni masiv Jahorine.

Posjetioci olimpijske planine mogu da uživaju u adrenalinskim vožnjama.

Tower ili Toranj smješten na plato Poljice omogućava penjanje na visinu od 9 metara laganim povlačenjem užeta.

Loopster ili Balerina na platou Poljice omogućava djeci, tinejdžerima i odraslima da se u potpunosti zabave u vožnji koja predstavlja jedinstveno iskustvo.

Skydive smješten je kod jezera za vještačko osnježavanje, na vrhu Poljica koji su ujedno najatraktivnija lokacija na planini.

Planinski bob

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La petite Fille au ballon – Banksy – VOYAGE ONIRIQUE

image artiste picture art artist street art Banksy graffiti rue mur illustration illustrateur création oeuvre oeuvre d'art la petite fille au ballonGoogle translation of introduction: The Englishman Banksy has been arguably the most famous Street Artist in the world since the early 2000s. In 2002, he made the stencil La Petite Fille au ballon on Waterloo Bridge in South Bank. A child in her black dress lets a heart-shaped balloon fly. “There is always hope,” he wrote. – In fact, the screen-printed version was the subject of one of the biggest buzz of 2018! Banksy’s works are often humorous, anti-militarist and anti-system. By his simple identity, the street artist remains a deep mystery …

La petite Fille au ballon – Banksy image artiste picture art artist street art Banksy graffiti rue mur illustration illustrateur création oeuvre oeuvre d’art la petite fille au ballon

Source: La petite Fille au ballon – Banksy – VOYAGE ONIRIQUE

A Growl-Worthy Story

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When I read Nicholas Kristof’s column yesterday evening, I found myself growling.  Republicans in this country need to put their money where their mouth is.  Talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words! By their actions, the Republican Party is proving that all their talk about supporting families is just that … talk.  Take a look at Kristof’s column and I think you’ll be growling by the midpoint.

Turning Child Care Into a New Cold War

By Nicholas Kristof

Opinion Columnist

June 5, 2021

For a country brimming with “pro-family” politicians, the United States sure is a tough place to raise a family.

We Americans like to think “We’re No. 1,” but one recent study found that the United States was the second worst out of 35 industrialized countries as a place for families. We ranked behind Bulgaria. Behind Chile.

Now we have a historic chance to support children…

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