Insurrection Update

In Saner Thought

I know this is a long read….but I refuse to let this act of treason go under-reported.

On 06 January 2021 a pack of rabid in-bred morons breached the Capitol security and went about destruction and theft…….some want to move past that dark day and to that I say “screw you”….we should NEVER move on or forget the traitors that assaulted our way of life with the revisionist bullshit of the defunct president.

I will update my readers as often as I can with the events around those that crapped on the Constitution and our country on that day.

The good news is another traitor has pleaded guilty to his part of the insurrection….

A Florida man who stormed the Senate chamber on Jan. 6 waving a Trump flag has become the second rioter to plead guilty—and his case is being closely watched by lawyers for other riot suspects not…

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