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In the heart of the traditional northern localities of India’s Kolkata city, right opposite to the Mukul Bithi Children’s School on the Abhedananda Road previously known as the Beadon Street; survives a hundred-year-old barbershop under the main staircase of an equally antique mansion in a room measuring ten feet by four feet.

Rain, hail, or thunderstorm, right at 6:00 AM every morning barring holy Thursdays dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, Chidam Napit would lift the clangy corrugated shutters of ‘Lokhi Art Saloon,’ his beloved haircutting enterprise, a barely surviving flicker amidst an inferno of dazzling and fast-evolving businesses in the cosmopolitan city at the end of the twentieth century.

While the central throne in this business establishment, a reclining metal barber chair reserved for special loyal customers was operated by Chidam himself, three four-legged wobbly wooden ones were manned by his second in command baldy barber Konok Kanti and two apprentices…

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