The Old Dog|سگ پیر

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Once upon a time,

A king had an old dog, and loved him very much. The king always talked to his dog. One of the days the king decided that he needs his dog to talk back.

The king announced: “If anyone could teach my dog how to talk, I will award him one thousand gold coins. And if the trainer failed and my dog couldn’t talk after the lessons, I will order to execute that person.”

The amount of the award was so high, that made a few covetous to try to teach King’s dog to talk. And of course, the dog didn’t learn and they got executed.

The king increased the 1000 to 2000 gold coins, but people were afraid of losing their lives and never volunteered.

Until one day that an old man walked to the palace and said: “I will teach your dog to talk under…

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