Day 1 : #WinterABC2021 AFROBLOGGERS

Exhortations With Shazzy

The WinterABC2021 festival is starting today. And I am super excited. It will be an interesting challenge because I have never blogged everyday. I have set goals for what I want to achieve after this challenge and I believe I will come back to this post in July to reflect how far I went.

WinterABC2021 is a festival for all the African bloggers hosted by Afrobloggers. Read all about it here and register if you can.
This is a month-long digital storytelling festival where all the African content creators publish their work ( blogs, youtube videos and podcasts) for 22days except on weekends.
Weekends are used for catching up and engaging with other blogs which you might have missed during the week. I am not sure how I feel since this will be my first time to publish posts everyday. I am up ready for challenge.

My reasons for…

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