Censorship is plunging Modi’s India into darkness | East Asia Forum

Narendra Modi takes a 'selfie' with a mobile phone, Ahmedabad, 30 April 2014 (Photo: REUTERS/Amit Dave).

Amid a crescendo of criticism from foreign and domestic observers over incompetent handling, the embattled and embarrassed government has blocked 100 critical tweets, including by opposition lawmakers, journalists and other civil society figures.

These events represent an escalating trend of suppressing free speech in India following a face-off with Twitter in February 2021. The government ordered Twitter to suspend 500 accounts and block access to several others amplifying the Indian farmer protests and highlighting the government’s poor handling. The government justification was to ‘curb misinformation and inflammatory content’. Such was the resolve of the government that when Twitter struck a defiant note — unblocking the accounts and disagreeing with the government’s assessment of the legality of the content — it served Twitter with a non-compliance notice, threatening jail for executives in India.

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Source: Censorship is plunging Modi’s India into darkness | East Asia Forum

4 thoughts on “Censorship is plunging Modi’s India into darkness | East Asia Forum”

  1. Agreeing, but partially.

    The reasons-

    • The accounts that were asked to be suspended were publishing “disinformation”

    • At the time farmers protest, in 500 accounts most of them were related to “Khalistan”. I condemn the banning of accounts journalists, social workers, and politicians.

    • The notice was served because Twitter, Whatsapp disagreed with the Government’s demand to reveal the first source or the originator of disinformation.

    1. Censorship is a slippery slope and giving up names of users has the same chilling effect. Ultimately, I suppose the court and voters will decide. Fake news is a problem to be sure. No one has a good and fair solution yet.

    2. Here in US, we know who the liars are and most often nothing is done, because it is “politics.” We do, however, sometimes, vote out the liar.

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