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Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

As a child I was exposed to all kinds of music. My mother was typically Indian and enjoyed filmy Bollywood songs of love and romance while my dad had a very Western palette in almost just about everything. Conversely, he was insanely patriotic and my mum was rather neutral. My dad spent most of his fortune on trekking and travelling all across Western Europe. He fell in love with Switzerland in the 70s and almost settled there until… Anyway, he had a whole lot of Swiss friends who’d visit us every year in Mumbai who’d teach us some French words or sentences every time and get us a bit more exposed to accents and expand our horizons at a time when we didn’t even have cable T.V. We had a whole lot of awesome stuff like an insane amount of Caran D’ache stationery, really exceptional toys and Swiss chocolates. Today…

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ASIA/MYANMAR – Massive military operations in Kayah state: many people are on the run – Agenzia Fides

Since yesterday May 31st, the army has been bombarding the cities of Loikaw and Demoso with cannons, attack helicopters and fighter bombers. “Cities and villages have been heavily attacked without regard to civil security. Many people urgently need food, medicine and shelter as the rainy season begins and many have stomach problems, possibly due to dirty water and poor hygiene”, complains Father Tinreh. “In addition, the military has blocked all important access roads to the state to prevent people from receiving humanitarian aid. These military actions are regrettable and must be stopped immediately. The people are desperate”, the priest notes. In Demoso, where two young Catholics were killed in recent days while bringing food to the displaced, the military raided and ransacked the Catholic parish house and the convent of nuns. Source: ASIA/MYANMAR – Massive military operations in Kayah state: many people are on the run – Agenzia Fides

COVID: Thousands of Indian children orphaned by pandemic | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 01.06.2021

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated families across India, has left thousands of children orphaned or without one parent.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 1,700 children have lost both parents, while 140 have been abandoned and more than 7,400 have lost one of their parents to the virus, according to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

The NCPCR submitted the report to the Supreme Court on Monday, detailing the problems of children orphaned during the pandemic and the need to provide them with food, shelter and clothing.

The northern state of Uttar Pradesh reported 2,110 children who were orphaned, lost one parent or were abandoned, followed by Bihar at 1,327 and Kerala at 952, according to government data. Child rights activists believe that this number is likely a significant underestimate.

In response, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government last week announced measures to help orphaned children, with around 1 million rupees (€11,220, $13,700) set aside to be given to each child as a stipend, from the ages of 18 to 23. The funds would be offered from the PM-CARES scheme.

Various state governments have also announced initiatives to assist children.

Source: COVID: Thousands of Indian children orphaned by pandemic | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 01.06.2021

Arctic oil, gas leases suspended – ORANGE COUNTY TRIBUNE

Oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge were suspended Tuesday by the Biden Administration, undoing an executive order by former President Donald Trump. According to the Associated Press, the Interior Department made the order following a temporary moratorium issued by President Joe Biden on his first day in office. The Reserve is…

Source: Arctic oil, gas leases suspended – ORANGE COUNTY TRIBUNE

Apa tămăduitoare

Google translation of title and first sentence: Healing water Lourdes – My first trip in 2019 was to Lourdes. Although it was January, towards the end of the afternoon, in the middle of the mountains, I did not feel the cold.

ore de drum

Lourdes, 2019

Primul meu drum din 2019 a fost la Lourdes. Cu toate că era ianuarie, spre sfârșitul după-amiezei, în mijlocul munților, n-am resimțit frigul.


În 1858, în decurs de cinci luni, Maica Domnului și-a făcut apariția aici de optsprezece ori, comunicând cu o fată săracă din sat, Bernadette, care, mai târziu, a devenit călugăriță la Nevers.


Un pelerinaj nu înseamnă doar sentimentul religios, credința, căutarea de miracole sau curiozitatea de a îndeplini un ritual. Atunci când mergi într-un pelerinaj, ai certitudinea că în acel loc vei gasi ori vei afla ceva ce nu există în altă parte: o învățătură, o îndrumare, o mărturie sau o confirmare. Pleci în căutarea unui semn, ca să descifrezi partea nevăzută a lumii. Actul de pelerinaj pune în mișcare o dinamică sufletească și-ți indică direcțiile de urmat, te scoate din dezorientare și tatonări. Mulți sperăm să găsim libertate interioară, curajul de a lua hotărâri…

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Can Diluted Radioactive waste Water be Made Safe For the Environment?


Dumping Radioactve waste in the ocean can lead to the increase of cancer for the people who eat Seafood

There should be no one on earth who should think this is good

This will affect not just this generation, but many more

Can scientists Dilute Toxic waste water until it becomes pure?

Am I thinking about this problem in a wrong way?

Should I be waiting to hear what the scientists have to say?

Or should I look at the damage that was done by toxins to the environment and people before

And say it is not good for us to pollute the environment anymore

Photo by Leonid Danilov on Pexels.com

Better plans to get rid of Radioactive waste water should be made by these scientists long ago

Why they didn’t make better plans? Will we ever know?

It would be good if so much destruction wasn’t caused experiments…

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I Tried To Be Nice … It’s Hard!!!

Filosofa's Word

Let me start by saying that today is National Say Something Nice Day.  I may struggle with this one … let me try, though … … … … … …  🤷

Well, okay, that one didn’t work out so well, did it?  Perhaps I’ll try again later, but for now I’ll stand by that old adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”  Have a nice day!

Oh wait … that qualifies as saying something nice, doesn’t it?  I mean, it even has the word ‘nice’ in it!  So now, I’ve fulfilled my obligation to say something nice and I can carry on with my normal grumbling and grousing!

In case you hadn’t heard, QAnon, the conspiracy theory group, held a ‘conference’ in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend.  QAnon must surely require that its members have an IQ under 50 in order to join, for there was…

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Pećine Mogao, Kina – Mogao Caves, China — Myrela

Godine 366. monah po imenu Lu Cuen prolazio je blizu Duenhuanga, jednim od najvažnijih karavanskih pravaca na Putu svile, kada je ugledao bljesak zlatne svjetlosti u kojoj su mu se ukazala lica hiljada Buda. Tako je povjerovao da to mjesto – oaza na obodu pustinja Gobi i Taklamakan u zapadnoj Kini, 1.930 kilometara zapadno od […]

Pećine Mogao, Kina – Mogao Caves, China — Myrela

Your Eyes

Grounds For Hope

 They say the eyes are windows to your soul.
 Your pupils. Oh, they can show
    Pain, joy, and pleasures.
    The anger, fear, sadness.
    The pupils, they can measure!
         Your pupils. Oh, they reveal.
         The secrecy, the depth inside
    What lips can’t say, said by your eyes.
    Your eyes don’t lie.
 They captivate, intrigue, they lure
 They glare, stare even fear.
     They tell the whole life that they endure.
     They paralyze, they magnetize
     Seduce, confuse.
 They radiate distinctduende.
    No words, no action can amend
    What eyes can comprehend.

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