CCRP urges Jamaican political representatives to help rural elders get vaccinated

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We might assume that many Jamaicans over 60 who have not yet been vaccinated are hesitating or unwilling to get their first dose. However, our senior citizens face many practical challenges these days – none more so than those who are living in rural areas. The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons(CCRP) is worried that the most vulnerable age groups may be left behind. By far the largest percentage of deaths is among senior citizens over 60. And we have lost 948 Jamaicans to COVID-19, as of May 30. Most of those who have died in the past year and two months have been beloved grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts.

But have we thought of the possibility that many of our older citizens (who may also have disabilities) may not have the means or ability to access the vaccines – in other words, to get to their local health clinics…

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Lievito (oldie!!)

Antalgica Poetica


nella distesa sconfinata
cento e mille e mille
creature corron leggere
allargando le braccia

una fra le molte comincia
ad alzarsi da terra …. vola,
seguita dallo stupor dell’altre

e lei che correva col gruppo
ora si trova sola a volare,
senza nemmeno il tempo per stupirsi,
emozione al confine col terrore

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Portretul unei doamne

Google translation of key paragraph: Leaving a slum in Krakow, where she was born in 1872 into a needy family of eight girls, she became, at one point, the most influential woman in the world. It’s about Helena Rubinstein, creator of cosmetics. As a sign, she is Capricorn, ambitious and confident, despite the height of 1.50 that has complexed her all her life.

ore de drum

Paris, 2019

Dacă treci în vara aceasta prin Paris înainte de 25 august, prinzi o expoziție minunată la Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme. Conceptul foarte inteligent, bogăția și varietatea exponatelor, amenajarea scenografică – totul m-a fascinat. Povestea ei este o lecție de viață.


Plecată dintr-o mahala a Cracoviei, unde s-a nascut în 1872 într-o familie nevoiașă cu opt fete, a ajuns, la un moment dat, cea mai influentă femeie din lume. E vorba despre Helena Rubinstein, creatoare de produse cosmetice. Ca zodie, e Capricorn, ambițioasă și sigură de ea, în ciuda înălțimii de 1.50 care a complexat-o toată viața.


În adolescență, își punea pe față crema mamei ei, preparată de farmacistul din cartier. Ajunsă la vârsta măritișului, pentru că făcea nazuri și nu voia în ruptul capului să se mărite, părinții au trimis-o la Viena la rudele care aveau o prăvalie, ca să ajute. Dar nici acolo n-a găsit…

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Brokoli čisti pluća od zagađenog vazduha

Google translation: Broccoli cleans the lungs of polluted air
Research has shown that broccoli contains anticancer substances that protect our respiratory system. People who ate broccoli had an increased excretion of toxins associated with ozone and particulate pollution. This is the result of the presence of sulforaphane – an anticancer substance found in this vegetable.


Istraživanje je pokazalo da brokoli sadrži antikancerogene materije koje čuvaju naš disajni sistem. Ljudi koji su jeli brokoli, imali su povećano izlučivanje toksina povezanih sa ozonskim i čestičnim zagađenjem. Ovo je rezultat prisustva sulforafana – antikancerogene materije koja se nalazi u ovom povrću.

Izvor: (

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As Coronavirus Toll Grows, Brazil’s Political Divisions Spill Onto the Streets – The New York Times

Until recently, the president’s opponents had refrained from convening street protests, opting instead to show their exasperation by banging pots and pans from windows and trading memes online.

But over the weekend, thousands of Brazilians critical of Mr. Bolsonaro took to the streets in the largest public mobilization against the president since the beginning of the pandemic.

Their show of force in cities across the country followed a series of damning revelations in congressional hearings examining the government’s catastrophic response to the coronavirus, which has killed more than 461,000 Brazilians.

Mariana Filgueiras, a professor at the school of communication at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, said she decided to participate in anti-government protests to help put a face on the rising opposition. A recent public opinion poll, by Datafolha, found that Mr. Bolsonaro’s support slipped to 24 percent in May from 30 percent in March.


Pacific Paratrooper

Our nation marks Memorial Day to honor and pay tribute to brave Americans who gave their life for this country. Many generations have sacrificed in defense of our nation, our liberty, and our desire to improve our country. On Memorial Day, we humbly honor these incredible patriots and have a solemn duty to uphold their legacy.

At its core, Memorial Day speaks of personal sacrifice for a greater good. It resonates in the stories of ordinary Americans, who fought for a better world and were willing to lay down their lives. Our way of life is shaped by those who have served and those who were lost. We have benefited from their positive influence on our world. It is our solemn duty to honor for our fallen brothers and sisters in arms and their families. This day reflects on heroes from historically distant wars passed and current operations. We honor…

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Malaysia struggling to contain sharp rise in Covid cases | Malaysia | The Guardian

This month alone, more than 1,200 deaths have been recorded, compared with 471 during the whole of 2020. Last week, Malaysia reported record daily cases for five consecutive days and announced its highest daily rise since the start of the pandemic on Saturday, when 9,020 new infections were reported.

Under new lockdown rules, which will be introduced on Tuesday, only two people from each household will be allowed to go out to buy essentials or seek medical treatment within 10km of their home. Sports activities such as jogging that do not involve physical contact are permitted but only between 7am and 8pm. Schools and shopping malls will be shut.

Source: Malaysia struggling to contain sharp rise in Covid cases | Malaysia | The Guardian