Tireless Dream

Lyrical smile

Open eyes, restless night, heavy heart. There are small dreams in burdened minds that dare to grow. There is insanity in everyone. A ray of sunlight in dark rooms ignites hope and leaves. A smell of dampness reminds us that there is nothing more we yearn for. Dreams, sunlight, smell. There is madness in everyone. This is the madness that connects us with each other. We are not tired, we have not stopped. We have not become lifeless yet. Because there is madness in everyone. We are in this race to grab our degrees and stay ahead of the crowd.

Life gives us several opportunities. The question isn’t how well we succeed in it or how we never utilised it. The questions are whether we value the sacrifices of the people who led our path to that opportunity and whether we remain worthy after the fulfilment of that opportunity. Every…

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