Poetry ~ Books my muse

Smiling Little Things

Some I read, though some I forgot,
On an impulse some I bought,
Slowly and gradually they became my muse,
I looked at them and wondered, what they held in profuse.

From an age of 5, I remember them being at my side,
Many plans made and cancelled for diving into the wise,
Some I read, though some I forgot,
With some I made memories when they hooked me to their plot.

As life took turns, for years I lost touch with them all,
They laid there in my cupboard, and kept calling me on,
They have a big heart I must say,
Whenever I came back to them they showed me the right way.

I go back home, tired from the world to find my roots,
The relationship rekindles with that shelf and all those nooks,
Books from my childhood, books from my teens,
Books I read re-read to…

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