Filling your cup right : Self love.

Smiling Little Things

We all have read this proverb over and over again “You cannot pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”, but what does it mean to take care of us. Internet is inundated with quotes on self love. Information on wide range is there on loving yourself to an extent that it can even make you a narcissist, then you don’t have anyone left to pour to. All the meme’s circulating around sometimes seem very hollow to me as they impart you half knowledge, are ambiguous and let the reader take the meaning from it according to his own perception of life, his self worth and his attitude towards life. Self-love concepts of taking a bubble bath, eating your favorite ice-cream do help but love is a deep emotion and has to be dealt internally.

Self love is complete Self acceptance. Self love is self compassion. Self love…

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