Words of a textbook


I am a textbook.
Knowledge you will gain if you open and look.
The children of yesterday.
Ignored me to go out and play.
What can I say about today.
These children look at screens all day.

Some people liked holding me.
There was a certain joy in owning me.
Dispayed proudly on some book shelf.
Of their personality and interests, their own selves.
With pride, they'd display as a reflection.
Caressing every page with such affection.

There were some who'd look at me with respect.
Some others would draw lines, add summaries and correct.
Like hand-me-downs, I'd teach the younger ones.
From the elder kids, they'd keep circulating me; it was so fun.
But now I lie in a desolate library.
My binding has fallen apart, will you rescue me?

-RUELHA www.ruelha.com © Copyright Protected. All Rights ReservedImage source and credit:fluentU.com

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