Heroes To The Left….Heroes To The Right

In Saner Thought

Memorial Day weekend and we here in the US celebrate the ‘heroes’ that gave their all for their country….

We all have our idea of who were the heroes this country should celebrate….some are not as heroic as you might think and then there are heroes that you probably never heard of at any time….

The label ‘hero’ is overused these days….

And there is where I pick up the meat of this post…..

We begin this lesson on heroics with Hugh Thompson…..

Hugh Clowers Thompson, Jr. (1943 – 2006), was part Cherokee, descended from survivors of the Trail of Tears. Raised in Georgia, Thompson was a Boy Scout from a religious family whose children were taught discipline and integrity. In their corner of the segregated South, the Thompsons stood out for their opposition to racism, and for standing up for and helping people of color. In his youth…

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