A fascinating clue about why my attempts to create good habits to workout & eat better have failed for years…

The Chatty Introvert

Lately I’ve been catching videos in my YouTube feed from Obese to Beast (which I think is rather interesting and I like his measured approach to analyzing things and answering questions). He made a reaction video to a TED Talk about women’s inability to lose weight. I listened to a couple of minutes of it, then I clicked off and dug up the original video so I could listen without commentary.

And I listened to it again.

I popped a Midol and listened a third time (barking dog free).

And so many things began to make sense.

It’s a new version of “the problem that has no name” for women. And it’s not exactly unknown, but some kind of feeling. A feeling that at certain times of the month, we feel like we can take on the world and our energy is so helpful. And at other times we’re more…

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