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I am very happy to share this interview with you. I should have posted this earlier but I was so busy with all the school work. This interview was beautiful and lovely and if I wouldn’t mind if I could do it over and over again. So, sit back and enjoy the great read:

  • Would you love to introduce yourself?

I am a mother of two children, Amir and Abnoos, and wife to Hassan Mosleh. I was born in Iran, Shiraz, in 1968, and moved to the USA in 1986. I got married in 1987 and moved to Canada, where I still lives today. I started the “A Voice from Iran” blog as a platform in August, 2017. My daughter and I published “Climbing Over Grit” with Wisehouse Publishing/l’Aleph in 2018 and won the “Canada Book Award.” I am a Member of Authors Without Borders.

I published: “

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Der Marathon Pater

Google translation of introduction: Some things find their right place immediately. Without further ado, they get to the place that couldn’t be better suited for them. This is exactly what happened with my picture “On the way to Emmaus”, which I presented here in my last article .

“I immediately fell in love with this picture,” said Duisburg Father Tobias Breer OPream, as we stood in the sunshine in front of the parish office of the “Herz-Jesu” congregation in Duisburg-Neumühl Moving modern times is just great. The picture suits me and my story. ”

You have to know that Father Tobias is a person who is always on the go – he runs and runs and runs.
Not only through life, but also literally, again and again, always further, kilometer by kilometer.
He has already run 116 marathons and ultra marathons, including through Vietnam, Egypt and even the 172 km long extremely strenuous “Oman Desert Marathon”.
In the meantime there are already more than 60,000 km that he has run against poverty and for a good cause.


Einen schöneren Platz für mein Bild "Unterwegs nach Emmaus" konnte ich mir gar nicht wünschen
Einen schöneren Platz für mein Bild “Unterwegs nach Emmaus” konnte ich mir gar nicht wünschen. (Foto: W. Reich)

Manche Dinge finden sofort ihren richtigen Platz. Ohne Umschweife gelangen sie an den Ort, der nicht besser für sie passen könnte. Genau dies geschah mit meinem Bild “Unterwegs nach Emmaus”, welches ich hier in meinem letzten Artikel vorstellte.

“Ich habe mich sofort in dieses Bild verliebt”, erzählt mir der Duisburger Pater Tobias Breer OPream, als wir im Sonnenschein vor dem Gemeindebüro der “Herz-Jesu”-Gemeinde in Duisburg-Neumühl stehen, “der Gedanke, dieses historische Thema in die Neuzeit zu versetzen ist einfach Klasse. Das Bild passt zu mir und meiner Geschichte.”

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Google translation of introduction: Angles on the Anglin, 2016
A hidden land, far from commercial tourism, invites me into the soul of authentic medieval France.

ore de drum

Angles sur l’Anglin, 2016

Un ținut ascuns, departe de turismul comercial, mă invită în sufletul Franței medievale autentice.


Ruinele fantasmatice ale castelului edificat în secolul 12 de conții de Lusignan, o mare familie aristocratică din regiunea Poitou-Charantes (vestul Franței), se oglindesc în râul Angles ca și cum ar înfrunta un cotropitor imaginar.


În partea de jos a satului, găsiți locuri suficiente de parcare chiar și în luna august, cea mai aglomerată în vacanțele franceze.


Aveți de parcurs cam două sute de metri pe jos până în centrul medieval, îngrijit și înflorat, mică aglomerație arhitecturală formată din biserică, fortăreață, o piațetă dichisită ca un decor de film medieval.


Construcțiile de stil renaștere, conservate impecabil, au un acoperiș cu pantă înclinată specific zonei. Din piață, o potecă pietruită te coboară vertiginos spre râu și spre moara tradițională.


Remarcabilă biserica din secolul 13 care și-a păstrat poarta de intrare intactă, la fel ca…

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Porto und Douro – Portugal

Google Translation of introduction: In the summer the Germans all go to Spain! The sun is shining there, the water is warm, there is German beer and they speak German. The neighboring country Portugal is a bit behind: German doesn’t get you very far, English does. We have traveled to the country, to Porto and Lisbon.

The low-cost airline brought us to Porto, and we are there in just under two hours. With the metro – actually just a tram – we go to Vila Nova de Gaia on the other side of the Duoro. It is considered a suburb of Porto, but it is a city of its own.

Senioren um die Welt

Im Sommer fahren die Deutschen alle nach Spanien! Da scheint die Sonne, das Wasser ist warm, es gibt deutsches Bier und man spricht deutsch. Das Nachbarland Portugal ist da etwas abgehängt: mit deutsch kommt man nicht weit, englisch geht. Wir sind in das Land gereist, nach Porto und Lissabon.

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Save the Children in Siria

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StC – bambini – dal web

Dieci anni di guerra in Siria. C’è bisogno di aiuto. Diamo una piccola grande mano per esempio sostenendo Save the Children.

Io lo faccio solo perchè… è giusto.

Sono fortunata e ringrazio Dio anche così.

Un abbraccio a tutti voi e a tutti i bambini soli.

Una dedica affettuosa, sempre Vicky! ❤

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Kumbh Mela: how a superspreader festival seeded Covid across India | India | The Guardian

Hindu devotees take a holy dip in the Ganges during Shahi Snan at Kumbh Mela amidst the spread of the coronavirus in Haridwar, India, 14 April. as festivities got into full swing in March, testing capacity was criticised as inadequate. Masks, though mandatory, were largely absent. The Uttarakhand BJP chief minister, Tirath Singh Rawat, who had earlier told devotees that “faith in God will overcome the fear of the virus”, was among the millions pictured taking part in the rituals wearing no face covering. Police overseeing the event said that were they to enforce social distancing, “a stampede-like situation may arise”.

Devotees sit and pray in the evening on the ghats of the Ganges on 12 April

By the time the festival ended, on 28 April, more than 9 million people had attended.

The true toll of the Kumbh Mela will never be known, due in part to an alleged effort to stop collecting data. Thousands of pilgrims returned home without having been tested or quarantined and without any track of them kept by the government.

Some states began a belated effort to trace and quarantine the returned. In Madhya Pradesh, 789 pilgrims were traced from eight districts and 118 tested positive.

But as media attention focused on Covid-19 cases among the Kumbh returnees, the officials were ordered to stop counting. Four officials in different districts of Madhya Pradesh, as well as officials in Rajasthan, confirmed to the Guardian that their seniors called them off for political reasons.

“We were told to concentrate on the general Covid situation, and not focus on surveys and tracing of Kumbh pilgrims,” said a senior district official in Rajasthan, who requested anonymity, fearing reprisal.

Source: Kumbh Mela: how a superspreader festival seeded Covid across India | India | The Guardian

How a Facebook video recorded by a dying gamer helped expose flaws in Thailand’s fight against COVID-19 – ABC News

A person with brown hair lies on a yellow pillow with a tube in his nose. A 34-year-old video gamer filmed himself live on Facebook begging for help after he noticed he had COVID-19 symptoms but struggled to reach hospitals. He died just days later.

Source: How a Facebook video recorded by a dying gamer helped expose flaws in Thailand’s fight against COVID-19 – ABC News