What makes a Family?

Beyond The Lines

Maa! Papa! – We are not kids anymore!

I was studying, getting tense. I was switching between my notes and books. I was switching between national and international news. Suddenly, my brother marched into my room and took my phone. I was watching the news related to Lakshadweep (I should write about that).

  • I got puzzled and asked him – what happened?

  • He said – Wait!

  • He turned the volume to max of my headphone and played this song “Bumbro Bumbro Shyaam Rang Bumbro”

  • And told me – “Don’t forget to enjoy life for the sake of competition”

https://youtu.be/PquZBLuFmwA Please listen to the song.

In a moment my mind, from thinking “What is good for a country? Capitalism or Communism?” went back in time to when I first listened to this song, and I listened to it with him, my brother.

“It was like a film that rolled in front…

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