4 thoughts on “US Soldiers Expose Nuclear Weapons Secrets Via Flashcard Apps – bellingcat (Me: Amazing that no one in security thinks in advance about the dangers of the allowing use of public internet software by people with security responsibilities)”

  1. No great surprise. There have been disagreements in the past between NATO and the US over what information is public. Some years ago, the US NAVY considered NATO sea exercises highly confidential while NATO published the details down to the names and hometowns of crew members on its website.

    1. There is that… disagreement over what is secret and what is not. Last year or the year before, I remember that there was a hullabaloo over the use of software used by runners to track their running and what it displayed for those running on military bases. Sometimes, I think the comic’s advice to look up, smile and wave at the watcher’s is good advice, sometimes not – lol.

    2. Lyn’s son was on one of the ships involved, and said he couldn’t tell her what they were doing. So she looked it up on line and told him what she found. He shared that with his skipper, who confirmed it and freaked out.

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