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In classical Buddhist literature and the five-thousand-year-old epic Mahabharata, there is a mention of a road calledUttarpathor the Northern road connecting the eastern regions of India to ancient Greece through Central Asia. Later in history during the 3rd century BC, Emperor Chandragupta Maurya rebuilt this mighty highway to reconnect India with Europe. Following him, Emperor Ashoka The Great further developed this ancient road.

Now on the 23rd day of October in the year of our lord 1605 AD, a tall and dark man of jet-black skin ran barefoot under the darkness of a dimly lit night sky in the umbrae of the trees and the forests beside the same road. He certainly did not want to be seen. Stealth, speed, and camouflage seemed to be his strengths while he moved like a half-clad ninja through the shadows.

During the Mauryan empire, this glorious pathway stretching two-thousand-five-hundred kilometres connected…

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  1. Thanks Ned, always appreciate you reblogging my stories. This one has come out really good according to my expectations.

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