The Spiritual Old Man|پیرمردروحانی

A Voice from Iran

“192nd story”

A very neat old man with long white beard and hair, walked into a small jewelry store. The owner was alone and welcomed the old man.

The only thing that the old man said, was: “I am your good angel.”

Then he sat on a chair in the store.

The owner laughed hard and said: “You do look spiritual, but I never thought you would be an angel.”

The store door got open and a decent couple walked in. They asked for a neckless that was hanging on the shop’s window.

While the owner was getting that neckless, he noticed that the lady sat on the lap of the old man.

The owner said: “Why are you sitting on that old man’s lap?”

The lady said: “What are you talking about? Are you alright? What old man?”

The couple bought the neckless and walked out of the store.

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