Unlocking The Hidden Me

… And the time comes when you have to depart

Scintillating chords pervades your heart

Pain drills in like a piercing dart

To bottle up your Effervescent tears is truly an art

Hues of yesteryears comes alive

How ecstatically we all used to thrive

Not foreknown about ensuing lives

Living in that very moment used to be our drive

How life leaves us into a labyrinth, I wonder

Priorities change and our yearnings surrender

Into the alleys, in a cavern and we wander

But every second, life does smoulder

Time elapses, so does our age

But those fire flies remain encased in our rib cage

Effulgence of togetherness often flares from those cherished pages

As we perpetually stow away in our life’s carriage.

© Samreen Asad 2021

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