Vacation series: episode#10: Bundt cake with orange bake!


Hi everyone! Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Today we will be making something sweet.

I tried this recipe having no expectations as I didn’t know it would taste this good!

There is a cyclone happening in he Bay of Bengal and it is affecting southern India as well. As much as I enjoyed to see the rain and catch the wind, it had also cost my cake to almost fail! As the winds were immensely strong, the power supply was cut while the cake was baking!

As this was the first time I used Bundt mould, I didn’t want anything to go wrong with it but here it was, sitting in the oven without any heat. But the worst part was that it had only been exposed to heat for 15 minutes.

So if I took it out now, then there were heavy chances of it sinking in the middle…

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