The Melting Iceberg and other Problems Caused by Climate Change


The World’s Largest Iceberg break off happened recently

And we hope this will cause more of us to think critically

So we change a lot of the things we do each day

So we can make plans to help the children to live in a better way

Climate change is causing more cyclones, hurricanes and drought as the years go by

The young people are worried while some of the older folks deny

They say this isnothing new and the ice will form again after a while

Even though the young ecowarriors have decided that they cannot smile

Photo by Masha Raymers on

Sea level rise and disappearing islands don’t mean a thing to those who are in denial

While the people who lose their homes and livelihood, face a huge trial

When they become climate refugees, with nowhere to call home

They wonder if all they will…

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