Afrobloggers : What’s special about your country?

Exhortations With Shazzy

I’m not a travel blogger, but Afrobloggers had asked me to tell people about my country. The first thing which comes to mind is the beauty of our nation which lies within our diversity.

Welcome to South Africa – where we can honestly say that you can have it all.

Where alse can you find such a rare mix of culture other than the rainbow nation? If that’s not enough for you, how about having a country, that’s overflowing with natural beauty and some of the world’s iconic sights? Well….—…..

These are the few reasons to be proud and grateful for living in such a beautiful country.

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First and Foremost

  • Nelson Mandela

It goes without say Madiba is at the top of the list. His legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation are legendary. While at this, we have to mention that Robben Island – A must-visit…

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