Marc Chagall, um pintor russo surrealista


Moiche Zakharovitch, tem origem judaica e nasceu no ano de 1887, em Liozna, na Bielorrússia. O artista adotou o nome de Marc Chagall, ele pertenceu predominantemente à corrente artística do surrealismo. Chagall foi um dos artistas responsáveis pelos vitrais em diversas igrejas na França como a Catedral de Notre-Dame de Reims. O artista foi um modernista, que viveu essa época passando por diversas vertentes do modernismo como o cubismo e o fauvismo.

Chagall cresceu numa pequena comunidade judaica, passou boa parte de sua infância num ambiente calmo e tranquilo. Ele vivia numa cidade pequena e foi criado por sua mãe. Esse início de vida numa comunidade pequena de maioria judia, vai se refletir nas suas pinturas quando ele estiver adulto.

O artista começou seu aprendizado em artes na Academia de Belas Artes de São Petersburgo, na sua cidade não havia educação formal artística, pois era uma comunidade judaica e havia…

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Cutting your spam before it gets to you… very cool

By Hook Or By Book


I don’t know how many of you are having this issue, but from yesterday through last night I received over 1,500 spams all from the same company advertising Cialis/Tadalafil. Last night, after spending over a half hour deleting them all through bulk editor and getting seriously annoyed, I used my mad librarian research skills (Google), and found an easy way to stop this. If you go into your dashboard, click on settings and then discussions, scroll down to the bottom and it gives you the option to type in words for Disallowed Comments. I listed the two drug names and voila! No more spam from this advertiser!


Fraggle has another easy way to solve this issue as well. Check this out:

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Canadian soldier faces mutiny charges for trying to block vaccine distribution | Canada | The Guardian

On 5 December 2020, Kenderesi appeared at an anti-lockdown rally in Toronto, wearing his military uniform. He warned attendees about “killer” vaccines – and called on other soldiers to disobey their orders to help distribute the vaccine.

“I’m asking the military, right now serving, truck drivers, medical, engineers, whatever you are, do not take this unlawful order in distribution of this vaccine,” he said at the rally. “I might get in a lot of shit for doing this. But I don’t care any more.”

He also called taking the vaccine “criminal”.

Officials say Kenderesi was relieved of his duties soon after his appearance at the rally and charged by military police on 12 May.

Source: Canadian soldier faces mutiny charges for trying to block vaccine distribution | Canada | The Guardian

Language Learning, Local Education, and 4 Inexpensive Ideas

Good ideas to improve education ecology.

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

Spanish has always been my favorite language, especially after moving to the bilingual South West. Technically, I was hired for my experience in Unix which led to my MAT in mathematics, but on the ground, my love of learning languages proved to be more important in the classroom. As an adult education instructor at the Continuing Education division of the San Diego Community College District, my fluency proved helpful for many of my students, and also, of course, the ESL classes help our students from many nations contribute in the USA.

Every local educational institution has room for improvement, particularly when seen from both faculty and student perspectives. I posed some questions recently about ideas for implementing low-cost projects that would have been helpful to our students when I taught in North campus involving

1.) a small library or study area,
2.) workshops by CA Promise Program graduates,
3.) an…

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Lissabon – Portugal

Senioren um die Welt

Nach ein paar Tagen in der traditionsreichen Stadt Porto fahren wir weiter nach Lissabon. Wir haben uns für die Bahn entschieden. Die Fahrt von mehr als 300 km kostet uns zwei Senioren 25 €. Hallo Deutsche Bahn: Nachmachen! Für das Geld kommen wir hier man gerade von Köln nach Düsseldorf. Nach dem Einchecken im Hotel geht es zur Stadtbesichtigung. Der Praça do Comércio ist der Empfangssalon der Stadt, früher stand hier der Königspalast. Auf drei Seiten spenden Arkaden Schatten.

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De ochii lunii

The Eyes of the Moon – Paris

ore de drum

Paris, 2019

Vă doriți luna de pe cer? V-o dăruiesc. Solemnă și discretă, m-a invitat în sferele înalte ale unei expoziții la Grand Palais pentru că, știm bine, ea guvernează artele, inspirația și clarviziunea.

Cei care o urmăresc pas cu pas susțin că tot ea garantează eficacitatea actelor de magie, cum sugerează și Ivan Kramskoy,

are în grijă instinctele, e stăpâna dispoziției zilelor de luni si a intuiției feminine.

Istoria chipurilor sale începe odată cu egiptenii care susțin că zeul lunii, Khonsu, are cap de șoim.

În America latină, -Bolivia și Peru-, s-au imaginat semiluni creștine cu simboluri incașe,

dar în America centrală este, încă, patroana șamanilor.

În Japonia secolului 19, Soma se impune ca o zeiță respectabilă.

În hinduism, apare sub chipul tânărului Chandra, numele curent al lunii, aflată în grupul celor nouă planete importante care influențează soarta omului. Instalat pe un dispozitiv cu rotile care îi permite aceeași…

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The Danger of Collective Amnesia

Filosofa's Word

Nearly five months after the attack on the Capitol on January 6th of this year, Republicans continue to downplay and naysay the attack.  Time seems to have diminished their memories of that fateful day, and they claim it was nothing more than a few ‘tourists’ or ‘patriots’ having a good time.  Never mind that five people were killed and 140 police officers injured, and never mind that if the attempt to overthrow an election had succeeded, we would be living in a very different country today, one ruled by a madman and his cronies.

Robert Reich explains the utter importance of investigating the attack and the events that led up to it, the people who may have played a role in instigating it.  If we fail to learn from the past, then we are destined to repeat it.  Listen closely to his words, for he speaks the truth.  We the…

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A new COVID-19 wave overwhelms pandemic-conscious Taiwan · Global Voices

On May 16, Taiwan’s health minister Chen Shih-chung issued a level 3 soft lockdown alert, with restrictions such as mandatory mask-wearing in all public spaces and a 10-people limit to outdoor gatherings.

The greater Taipei city area was the most affected by the new wave. With the restrictions, its wealthiest areas have become empty in the past few days.

The Taiwanese CDC has identified two major infection clusters — one linked to China Airlines’ flights and another to a “sexy tea shop,” entertainment venues where men, usually older, are served intimately by young female waitresses.

Critics blamed the relaxation of quarantine rules for unvaccinated China Airlines’ staff in mid-April for that cluster. By May 11, 13 China Airlines pilots had tested positive for COVID-19, and there have been 30 domestic cases linked to the hotel where airline staff was being quarantined.

A former chair of the local chapter of Lions Club International developed COVID-like symptoms and tested positive on May 11. Contact tracing showed that he had visited a sexy tea shop in Taipei’s Wanhua area between May 4 and May 10.

There are more than 100 sexy tea shops in Wanhua district and the sector employs thousands of people. By May 20, 299 COVID-19 positive cases had been linked to the Wanhua district, which means the infection chain could be far more extensive.

Source: A new COVID-19 wave overwhelms pandemic-conscious Taiwan · Global Voices

Rutas de un viajero: Capítulo I. Zona arqueológica de Tzintzuntzan

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Fotografía: Lázaro Alejandre Gutiérrez

Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Las flores amarillas brotan diminutas, cautivantes, risueñas, en la tierra que un día, otro y muchos más se ha acumulado entre las piedras, sobre la ciudad legendaria y sagrada de los antiguos purépechas, quienes antes de la llegada de los conquistadores y evangelizadores españoles, en el siglo XVI, dominaron Michoacán.

Hierba y flores con pétalos de textura fragante y policromada, brotan incontenibles, plenas e insaciables; exhalan aromas silvestres y suspiros que parecen provenir de algún lugar secreto de las entrañas de la tierra, acaso repitiendo el eco de una cultura enterrada, perdida durante un atardecer prehispánico, una mañana incierta, un día colonial. Un día, todo cambió para ese pueblo.

El sol ardiente se filtra entre las nubes rasgadas por el viento e incendia el lago plomado que refleja, cual espejo, las montañas azuladas que se…

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