Privileges : Friend or Family?


I had a childhood friend. As a teenager, I've known him since then. He was part of our close friends circle. At a time when all of us were nocturnal. Christmas dances and birthday parties. When it wasn't legal for us to own car keys. And then life happened and we lost touch. A decade of years, it's been that much. But now, he married someone dear from my immediate family. So he's present for just about everything, actually. Ever since that happened, I've been elated. But, there is something that seems debated. It's so awesome to have that comfort level at family events. Because of the camaraderie we shared as kids when we were friends. This time as the family got together, I asked him jokingly, I'm confused; are you my friend or are you family? To which he laughed and responded, "a bit of both." I am just…

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