Chef Beverly Kim Fights Racism Through Food | Bar & Restaurant – By Erin Flynn Jay

A Shared Voice, Resources to Fight Hate

Kim said she believes AAPI owners can equip themselves with bystander training at restaurants, and they can proactively prepare for harassment situations that may happen in public spaces, such as restaurants.

“As an Asian American owner, I’ve been preparing myself by actively making sure my staff is taking extra careful in closing – going out with a buddy so they don’t leave alone,” said Kim. “I’ve been connecting with my restaurant community, neighbors, alderman, and this group Asian Americans Advancing Justice to be a support system of ideas and support should something come up.”

Kim has also been connecting the community through #DoughSomething, so people can empathize and use their shared voice and resources to fight hate.

In light of the current climate, AAPI restaurants have an opportunity to connect in solidarity and advocacy of stopping Asian Hate and be proud to be Asian Americans, according to Kim. “Our cuisines are varied and nuanced, just like us. We deserve to be celebrated and respected with our contributions to cuisine in America,” Kim said.

Source: Chef Beverly Kim Fights Racism Through Food | Bar & Restaurant