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Here’s how you can block attention-seeking and time-wasting trolls or unwanted users, followers, their E-mail addresses and their websites or IP addresses including their comments on;

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click “Users” on left menu. Next, click “Followers”. Next to the username, click “Remove” button and in the confirmation box, click “Remove” button again;

Next, click Settings on the left menu and click “Discussion” tab. Make sure these discussion settings are enabled;

  • Users must be registered and logged in to comment

  • Comment must be manually approved (under “Before a comment appears)

At the bottom, enter the username, Gravatar username (, their E-mail address and IP/website address in the “Disallowed comments”. Click “Save Settings” when done;

In addition to above, you can use online reporting tool provided by;


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This Dengue Virus Vaccine Patch Could Provide Immunity Needle-Free

A dengue virus vaccine prospect, developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), has had promising results in animal model testing. It produced a protective reaction in immune dengue-infected mice. The exciting milestone provides hope to many since 390 million people are infected every year – and it’s a notoriously challenging pathogen to deal with. The most exciting part is how the vaccine isn’t injected but applied to the skin via a high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) – more simply put, microneedle patches. Dengue fever is one of the tropical regions’ most prevalent diseases. Mosquitos carry the virus and infect people when they bite them. According to Jovin Choo, a UQ Ph.D. candidate who participated in the study,  this research could lead to a readily administered vaccine that could halt the devastation of dengue fever worldwide.  For now, efforts to tackle it mainly focus on prevention. Preventative measures involve targeting mosquitoes with traps, making the insect resistant to the virus, genetic engineering to reduce their numbers, or exposing them to bacteria that stop the virus from growing. There is one vaccine currently available, known as Dengvaxia, but it’s not v

Source: This Dengue Virus Vaccine Patch Could Provide Immunity Needle-Free

Historic Mexican Elections Include Vote For New Baja California Governor | KPBS

June 6 is election day for Mexico.

Thousands of offices are at stake, and almost half of the country will elect new governors.

Christian Dunn, a representative for the Morena party, said this election is the first of its kind.

“This is the largest election in the history of Mexico because it’s a concurrent election. Before, local elections were held one year and federal elections the next. For the first time, federal and local elections have been combined,” said Dunn.

INE, the Instituto Nacional Electoral, or Electoral National Institute, is the sole organization putting together the electoral process for Mexico.

In Baja California, seven candidates are running for governor. Three of them are women.

Source: Historic Mexican Elections Include Vote For New Baja California Governor | KPBS

When will B.C. stop logging old-growth trees? – Pique Newsmagazine

First Nations communities have fallen on both sides of the argument. Several Indigenous communities have quietly demanded the B.C. government immediately defer logging its oldest trees, warning it “will ultimately bring about our physical destruction.” At Fairy Creek, where multiple arrests along a blockade have continued to draw the media’s spotlight this week, the Pacheedaht First Nation have said old-growth activists are “not welcome.”

A hundred kilometres across the Salish Sea, another Indigenous nation has been locked in a protracted fight to protect a swath of old growth sacred to their people. They fought back, and in March, won — protecting a 70.9-hectare cutblock of forest from immediate destruction.

As old-growth forests dwindle across the province, their success shows what it takes to walk another path and protect B.C.’s last arboreal giants.

Yellow cedar Dakota BowlElphinstone Logging Focus campaigner Hans Penner at the base of a large yellow cedar in Dakota Bowl. By Ross Muirhead


For the Squamish Nation, Dakota Bowl is one of its last untouched tracts of forests.

Rising up the slopes of Elphinstone Mountain on the Sunshine Coast, its high-elevation yellow cedar forests have been described as a “living museum.”

Prized for its strength and softness as clothing material, some West Coast Indigenous communities would travel great distances to harvest the inner bark of the yellow cedar; some believed the high-elevation trees possess supernatural qualities.

Khelsilem said his nation’s push to protect the 70.9-hectare cutblock required years of research and policy work. He points to 2003 when the nation developed a land-use plan that sketched out how it wanted to use forested lands. Later, the nation sent out its own experts in archaeology, cultural heritage and the environment.

Archaeologists have found evidence that dozens of old-growth trees had been used by the First Nation dating back hundreds of years — in the end, 77 so-called “culturally modified trees” would be mapped in the forest.

Source: When will B.C. stop logging old-growth trees? – Pique Newsmagazine, The people who want to keep masking: ‘It’s like an…

“It’s a common consensus among my co-workers that we prefer not having customers see our faces,” said Becca Marshalla, 25, who works at a bookstore outside Chicago. “Oftentimes when a customer is being rude or saying off-color political things, I’m not allowed to grimace or ‘make a face’ because that will set them off. With a mask, I don’t have to smile at them or worry about keeping a neutral face.”

“I have had customers get very upset when I don’t smile at them,” she added. “I deal with anti-maskers constantly at work. They have threatened to hurt me, tried to get me fired, thrown things at me and yelled ‘fuck you’ in my face. If wearing a mask in the park separates me from them, I’m cool with that.”

Aimee, a 44-year-old screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles, said that wearing a mask in public even after she’s been vaccinated gives her a kind of “emotional freedom”. “I don’t want to feel the pressure of smiling at people to make sure everyone knows I’m ‘friendly’ and ‘likable’,” she said. “It’s almost like taking away the male gaze. There’s freedom in taking that power back.”

Bob Hall, a 75-year-old retired researcher in New Jersey with a self-described “naturally grim countenance [that] tends to be off-putting to others”, concurred. “In the United States there is an obligation to appear happy, and I get told to smile and ‘be happy’ a lot, which is very annoying,” he said. “The mask frees me from this.”

For Elizabeth, a 46-year-old tutor living near Atlanta, Georgia, the mask has accomplished for her social anxiety what years of therapy and medication have not: allowing her to feel comfortable while out in the world.

“I’m short and fat and if I don’t moisturize compulsively, my face is constantly flaking,” she said. “It’s easy to feel like I’m surrounded by mocking, disapproving eyes … Nothing has shielded me from the feeling of vulnerability like a mask has.”

Source:, The people who want to keep masking: ‘It’s like an…

Vancouver remembers Komagata Maru on 107th anniversary of ship denied entry |

Despite being British subjects, the 340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims, and 12 Hindus were denied entry to Canada due to laws that discriminated based on race, and were forced to remain aboard for two months before being sent back to India. Source: Vancouver remembers Komagata Maru on 107th anniversary of ship denied entry |

Nostalgia de a trăi

Google Translation of introduction: The colors of a cinematic clarity, on the banks of the Nile, serve as the setting for the archeological museum in Luxor.

ore de drum

Luxor, 2018

Culorile de o limpezime cinematografică, pe țărmul Nilului, servesc de cadru muzeului de arheologie din Luxor.


Spațiu care s-a dovedit cel mai liniștit loc pe parcursul celor trei zile pe care le-am petrecut în vechea capitală a Egiptului.


Pare greu să te simți în siguranță în cetatea atât de greu încercată.


În interiorul amenajat contemporan nu mai era nici un alt turist sau vizitator


și n-a fost greu să mă las copleșită de o bruscă singurătate,


ca și cum însingurarea faraonilor m-ar fi molipsit,


neutralizând grația exponatelor.


Faraonii erau oameni singuri.


Ca să aibă o domnie netulburată, ei știau că trebuie să respecte niște reguli stricte:


să nu aibă încredere decât în ei înșiși,


să nu conteze pe ajutorul nimănui pentru că, la nevoie, prietenii se evaporă,


să nu le permită subalternilor să intre în intimitatea lor. Mă urmărește privirea hipnotică a unor statui fixate pe transmiterea unui…

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Manastir svetih arhanđela Mihaila i Gavrila

Google translation: Not far from the city of Prizren, in the basin of the river Bistrica, there is a monastery of the holy archangels Michael and Gabriel.


Nedaleko od grada Prizrena, u slivu rijeke Bistrice, nalazi se manastir svetih arhanđela Mihaila i Gavrila. Manastirski kompleks, opasan masivnim zidom, nekad su činili: velika crkva, konaci, biblioteka, bolnica, trpezarija i mala crkva Svetog Nikole. Manastir je građen na starijem crkvištu u vremenu od 1343. godine do 1352. godine, kao zadužbina cara Dušana. O izgradnji se starao otac Jakov, kasnije mitropolit u Serezu. Posebnom poveljom car Dušan darovao je Svetim arhanđelima 93 sela i rudnik gvožđa u Toplici. Car Dušan sahranjen je u svojoj zadužbini.

Kad su Turci zauzeli Prizren 1455. godine, manastir je stradao, a od druge polovine 16. vijeka počinje njegovo neumitno propadanje. Lijepo obrađeni kamen ovog manastira, Turci su iskoristili (1615) za izgradnju Sinan-pašine džamije u Prizrenu. Tako zapušten, manastir Svetih arhanđela ostao je sve do 1929. godine, kad je dr Radoslav Grujić počeo obimnija arheološka istraživanja. Poslije Drugog svjetskog rata ostaci manastira su konzervirani.

Glavna crkva…

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