It’s All Relative: A Powerful Perspective on Life

Shayan's Sphere

How far do you agree with the term ‘relativity’? Is everything in the world relative, or there is something called absolutism? Just a century ago, Albert Einstein, often regarded as one of the most influential physicist of written history gave his famous theory on relativity. But relativity indeed is not something which is limited only upto physics. The concept of relativity is even applicable to our day to day life. What is right for you might be wrong for me. What is a success for me might be a failure to you. There’s nothing like goodness or badness in this world. If there’s something, it’s our own perspective which we choose to look at things. Once you change the focus of your lenses you’ll discover that everything in the way is taking a different shape or form.

For example, let us take the case of joy and sorrow in life…

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