Great memories at Watamu, Kenya

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A few years back, we went to Watamu, a popular beach located at the coast of Kenya. Watamuis well-known for its white sand beaches and its deep blue sea. There is also the Watamu Marine National Park, a protected area and famous in Africa. Watamu is a charming town in the southern part of Malindi, which is located about 120km from Mombasa. One can take a domestic flight or a few hours drive from Nairobi to access Watamu, a place that is unique and memorable.

Watamu Beach. © Mizou

Since tourism is the main economic activity in this area, there is a lot to do. You can enjoy the white sand on the beach, the Indian Ocean breeze, and many activities like doing a tour of the sea with a glass-bottomed boat. Or visiting the Watamu resort, a reserve marine. TheMarine Parkis renowned and a…

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