Armadale remembered: a Jamaican tragedy

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When something like the Armadale fire happens, where seven young women were burned to death, there is always the anxiety that a similar incident could happen again in the future. The issue is always whether the organisation responsible has learned from the terrible experience and put in place everything that they possibly can to stop it happening again. In this case this was the State, in whose care and protection the girls – aged between fifteen and seventeen – found themselves at Armadale.

In May 2013, on the 4th anniversary of the disaster, Eve for Life and UNICEF partnered with ASHE – performing in this photo – for a session to cheer up the girl survivors of the Armadale fire. It was an emotional day. (My photo)

The Armadale fire, which took place exactly twelve years ago, was not so much a disaster as a series of agonizing failures, actions…

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