Whats healthy brunch looks like?

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5 items in 1 hour – Fresh & Tasty

Few weeks back we unexpectedly saw produce junction in another city while visiting someone. You guys, if you have produce junction near you, I will call you the lucky bunch. The prices are crazy cheap. I mean like crazy crazy. All below veggies and fruits came under $40. That’s a lot of veggies and I have been cooking with different varieties of the veggies for weeks now.

In addition, there are some items which I never saw or heard before like pink pears and golden beetroot. Yep, I definitely picked them up. I often say to my hubby that, I have more interest to cook when the fridge is full. I wasn’t kidding. Today I made a complete veggie lunch – no rice or pasta or any carbs to accompany the veggies. They did make quite a show and surprised us…

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