What Kind of Civics Education Should Americans Get?

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Americans are woefully under-educated when it comes to how our own government works. And this makes it really easy to manipulate citizens.  I was appalled to read that only 1 in 4 people can name the three branches of government:  Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  A few days ago I read that somebody said the House and Senate were two separate branches.  What are we teaching our children???  Or rather, what are we not teaching them?

Today’s big argument from the right is about whether or not our children should learn the true history of the United States, warts and all.  Some on the right think our schools should teach a whitewashed version of such things as slavery, Japanese internment camps, Jim Crow, etc., but I would argue that to ignore the darker part of our history is to paint a false picture and to doom us to repeat those mistakes.

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